Save Moments With Day One 2

Many people love keeping daily events organized, because some productivity apps for Apple Watch can be really helpful for this, and can at least partially replace your traditional Moleskine, or the Baron Fig.

Journaling is also a great way to save some important moments, where one place can keep many memories organized. Day One 2 is the second version to a journaling app, which aims to do exactly that, capture your life as it is. It is indeed a big promise, but the app will not dissapoint you.

With the iPhone app, you have the option to save unlimited events, keep multiple journals, add up to ten photos to posts, add tags, reminders, geo tagged posts, add a pascode lock, and much more. When you travel you don’t have to worry about adjusting to different timezones.

Day One 2 has a revamped, and much cleaner user interface on iPhone with today’s update.

The Apple Watch app is simple, with basic functionality: you can add locations, or entries through a tap or voice. It would be great to see the Apple Watch app with more functionality, e.g. look through past moments, or save favorite moments.

You can download Day One 2 for free!

Day One 2 Apple Watch