Rumors of iPhone 12 delay grow due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Everyone is looking forward to Apple launching its new line of 5G-capable phones this September. This is a key year since there are high chances of Apple finally slimming down the notch even further and bringing OLED displays across all models. However, new evidence shows that Apple may be wondering whether to delay the iPhone 12 launch.

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread at an alarmingly fast rate across the world. Countries are doing their best to cease this, yet this virus has caused a slight recession in the economy, and companies are having trouble dealing with it.

While Apple was meant to launch its new iPhones this September, there are reports of Apple having internal discussions regarding the delay of the iPhone 12 launch. Apple is worried that the financial hit of the virus might mean that consumers will be less tempted to buy the new iPhones, resulting in underwhelming sales figures. The company was meant to commence working with suppliers on prototype 5G iPhones, but this has been delayed because of obvious health reasons.


A different source believes that Apple will make the decision regarding the possible iPhone 12 delay before May. If things do go south, then we could see the new iPhone models delayed until next year.

What do you think about a possible iPhone 12 delay?