Rugged Apple Watch Strap

What’s your favorite Apple Watch band? There are many good options out there, and Nomad’s Rugged Strap is definitely one of my personal favorites for many reasons.

First of all the design. Indeed, the rugged look of it may not appeal to everyone, but it looks very sharp in reality. The nature of this black style, makes it more of a sporty strap, but I wouldn’t mind wearing it on a daily basis.

Secondly the feel of it is fantastic. If you thought that Apple’s sport bands were soft, you haven’t tried Nomad’s band. The touch and feel of it is amazingly smooth, and always very soft to the touch on the inside, and rugged on the outside.

Lastly the choice of material is superb. The used silicone is not only water resistant, but it’s also suitable for hypoallergenic people. So basically if you have sensitive skin, you can wear it with no issues.

Anyone who wants to have a bold new look with his Apple Watch can do so with Nomad’s Rugged Strap – you won’t regret it. You can get the strap here for $49.95.

Nomad Apple Watch Band