Revisiting The Original 2015 Apple Watch Edition

When Apple unveiled its first smartwatch in 2015, it took the tech world by storm. The Apple Watch was a true game-changer in the wearables market. Among the various models released, one stood out for its luxury and exclusivity – the 18-karat Gold Apple Watch Edition.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the core details of this opulent timepiece.

  1. Material and design: The Gold Apple Watch Edition featured a meticulously crafted 18-karat gold case, available in yellow or rose gold. Apple developed a unique gold alloy that was twice as hard as standard gold, ensuring durability without compromising the luxurious aesthetic.
  2. Weight: The 38mm version of the Gold Apple Watch Edition weighed approximately 54 grams, while the 42mm version weighed around 69 grams. The weight varied slightly depending on the chosen band.
  3. Original cost: The price tag for this extravagant smartwatch started at $10,000 for the 38mm version and went up to $17,000 for the 42mm version with premium bands. The high cost reflected the use of premium materials and the exclusivity of the Gold Apple Watch Edition.
  4. Limited availability: The Gold Apple Watch Edition was marketed as a luxury item, and its availability was limited to select Apple stores and high-end boutiques. This exclusivity added to the allure of owning one of these exquisite timepieces.
  5. Advanced technology: Despite its focus on luxury, the Gold Apple Watch Edition still offered cutting-edge technology for its time. It featured a Retina display, a Digital Crown for seamless navigation, and a wide range of sensors to monitor health and fitness.
  6. A variety of premium bands: Apple offered a selection of elegant bands to complement the gold case, including the Modern Buckle, Classic Buckle, and Leather Loop, all made from high-quality materials to match the luxurious appeal of the watch.
  7. Discontinuation: The Gold Apple Watch Edition was a one-of-a-kind release, and Apple discontinued this luxurious version in subsequent generations. Today, it remains a rare and coveted collector’s item for Apple enthusiasts.

Recently an 18k Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition from 2015 sold for $8,000 on Ebay. And if you’re interested in buying one, there is an 18k Apple Watch Edition in 42mm listed on Chrono24 for $12,035.


In a nutshell: the original 2015 Gold Apple Watch Edition was a statement of luxury and a testament to Apple’s commitment to merging technology with high-end design. Although the gold model is no longer in production, it remains an iconic symbol of the Apple Watch’s early days and an unforgettable milestone in the history of smartwatches.