Pitaka Apple Watch Accessories Are Great

Let’s be honest, if you own an Apple Watch, getting certain accessories is a must. There are many accessory manufacturers, but only a few who are actually making quality products worth recommending.

Pitaka is a well-known brand, which makes many really unique tech accessories, and especially awesome ones for Apple products.

If you are tired of identical-looking Apple Watch bands and cases – look no further. Pitaka has built some truly special and stylish accessories for your Apple Watch.

The Carbon Fiber Watch Band and Air Case are something special – the world’s first watch band with 100% carbon fiber links, as well as a custom extremely lightweight case.

In a market filled with silicone, leather, and metal bands, the Carbon Fiber Watch Band and Air Case stand out with its rare and durable carbon fiber material. These innovative accessories are compatible with all Apple Watch models, including Series 1-8, SE, and Ultra.

Let’s dive deeper.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

  1. Lightweight and Comfortable: Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than steel, making this watch band incredibly comfortable for daily wear. You’ll hardly feel it on your wrist, and it’s perfect for those who prefer a more streamlined look.
  2. Adjustable Bracelet Length: The Carbon Fiber Watch Band is designed to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, up to 7.5in/190mm (Retro) and 8.1in/205mm (Modern). The band comes with a tool for adding or removing links, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.
  3. Patented Secure Magnetic Clasp: The band features a patented magnetic fastener and security lock, providing a firm and secure grip on your wrist. With a single click, you can easily remove the watch band when needed.
Apple Watch Pitaka Arrangement WatchAppList closeup

Currently priced at $89.00 (down from $99.00), the Carbon Fiber Watch Band offers a stylish and unique alternative to traditional Apple Watch bands. With its lightweight design, adjustable bracelet length, secure magnetic clasp, and compatibility with all Apple Watch models, this band is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their wrist game.

Apple Watch Pitaka Band Flat

Air Case

The Pitaka Air Case easily snaps onto the Apple Watch, and protects the watch itself against scratches and bumps. It also lets you easily access all buttons. The material used is a specially made aerospace-grade aramid fiber.

You can buy it right now for $39 on Pitaka’s website.

Apple Watch Pitaka Arrangement WatchAppList

Power Dongle

The Power Dongle from Pitaka is a super simple Apple Watch charger. It has a unique translucent plastic, which is very lightweight and small. This makes it the best Apple Watch charger for anybody who travels or commutes a lot. The wireless charger is also MFi-certified, making it great for any Apple Watch model.

You can grab it for $59 on Pitaka’s website.

Apple Watch Pitaka Charger USB C
Apple Watch Pitaka Charger

Don’t sleep on Pitaka if you want to improve your Apple Watch experience. Get your hands on the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Watch Band, Air Case, or Power Dongle today. Pitaka provides free shipping on all orders over $30.