Pedometer++ App for Apple Watch: A Great Fitness Companion

Are you looking for a comprehensive fitness tracker that can help you keep track of your physical activities? Look no further than Pedometer++, an awesome app from developer David Smith that has been updated to include a host of new features.

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The Pedometer++ 5 update is now available and includes Live Activities support, workout tracking for non-Apple Watch users, and much more. One of the most exciting additions to the app is the integration of workout tracking for users without an Apple Watch. This means you can now see your workout’s duration, distance, speed, and other metrics while you walk.

But that’s not all. Pedometer++ also offers in-depth route management features with support for GPX routes for navigation. You can import GPX routes from external sources or promote previously completed walks to saved/favorite routes. The associated mapping tiles for a particular route can be saved for offline access, so you can still use the feature when you’re out of range.

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The app also offers a powerful new map-based workout mode for the Apple Watch. This feature displays a live map right on your wrist while you walk, and integrates with the Apple Watch’s Always-On Display so you can see directions at a glance. And for users with an Apple Watch Ultra, the Action Button can be used for quickly starting workouts as well as swapping between the map and metrics views while you are working out.

Finally, Pedometer++ now offers rich maps on the Apple Watch, which can show you a basic time and distance while you walk. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even see a live updating map with your current route and location overlaid. This feature is available even in the Dynamic Island, and is fully integrated with Live Activities in iOS 16 and the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro.

In a nutshell, Pedometer++ is the ultimate fitness companion for anyone looking to keep track of their physical activities. With a host of new features, including workout tracking for non-Apple Watch users, in-depth route management features, and a powerful new map-based workout mode for the Apple Watch, Pedometer++ is the perfect app for anyone looking to take their fitness tracking to the next level.

You can download Pedometer++ for your Apple Watch here for free.