Nomad’s Leather Apple Watch Strap

Making an Apple Watch personal through a unique third party Apple Watch band is what a majority of Apple Watch owners do. And it makes sense; Apple’s band offering isn’t small, but some brands still make distinct bands which are well worth our attention. Today we’re reviewing Nomad’s leather Apple Watch strap.

Nomad makes great quality Apple accessories, and we previously took a closer look at their Rugged Apple Watch Strap, and their Apple Watch Stand. Also, before we get to the review, note that in our recent Twitter poll, 76% answered that they own more than 1 Apple Watch band (which just speaks about the huge third party band market):

Nomad’s Modern Strap is no different in terms of quality from its other products. The band comes in a nice packaging, making the band slide out by pulling the bottom tab. In terms of leather, Nomad uses “minimally treated, vegetable tanned leather from one of America’s oldest tanneries. The leather is designed to beautifully patina with time, creating a handsome, rich leather strap with a look that is uniquely yours”. Unsurprisingly the feel of the leather could be best described as extremely soft and comfortable.

The slate gray leather band itself looks modern, and yet classic. If you look closely, you will notice that the stainless steel lugs and buckle are also custom designed, and look therefore quite unique and bold.

If you want to make yourself (or your friend) happy with a new Apple Watch strap, go for Nomad’s Modern Strap. For the next couple hours it’s on sale for only $29.96 instead of $59.95!

Take a look at the pictures we took to see more details:

Nomad Apple Watch bandNomad Apple Watch bandNomad Apple Watch band