iPad Pro 12.9 and 16-inch MacBook Pro to include mini LED

Apple’s displays are already among the very best, however, Apple is planning to step it up a notch, with evidence pointing to the introduction of micro-LED in several products as soon as Q3 2020.

Respected Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple will be rolling out a new mini LED display technology in the next 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as in a refresh of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has only been released for a couple of weeks.


So far, these devices feature a retina LCD panel, which is sharp and boasts P3 color gamut, although it just isn’t going to be the go-to move in the upcoming year, especially seeing how good competition can get. The new mini LED technology is going to be a huge improvement for these devices. There are also many reasons why a mini LED screen would be better than LCD and OLED panels. For example, the panel can get much thinner, lighter, power-efficient, and it doesn’t suffer from burn-in, an issue that occurs on OLED displays.


This all translates to increased battery life performance, as well as more room for other important components. You shouldn’t mix up this mini LED panel with micro-LED, a technology that Apple is planning to include in the next Apple Watches. The rollout of mini LED in Apple’s products will, of course, start with the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro lineup. Although we’re not sure if the smaller sized MacBook Pro and iPad Pro will also gain this amazing feature.


Over time, Apple will introduce this technology to more and more of its devices. We’re hoping that Apple does release the iPad Pro in Q3 2020, seeing the date has been pushed back many times. The next iPad Pros are also said to come with a more powerful A14X processor, jumping over the A13 generation.

What do you think about the switch to mini LED?