Never forget passwords with your Apple Watch

Let’s be honest here, how many times have you reset a password you just cant’t seem to remember? I probably used the “Forgot Password” button more often than I should have. But the reason for that is simple, the amount of accounts you have to create to use various services is huge, and since you don’t want to use the same password all over again, you come up with new ones.

Onesafe is one of the best apps to solve this problem. Obviously the #1 priority for a password app, is security, and oneSafe uses the strongest encryption algorithm available on mobile devices AES-256. The setup is simple, create one master password, and fill in all your passwords, PIN codes, bank details, and even media files.

Of course, having all your passwords available at a glance to your wrist, makes oneSafe a great proposition for people with too many passwords. The app includes a password generator, TouchID for extra security, auto-lock, a self-destruct feature, and even a password change reminder.

There are also other password managing apps, but oneSafe 4 nails it with a simple and useful Apple Watch app.

Download oneSafe 4 for $1.99 (totally worth it).

OneSafe Apple Watch