Monitor Your Health: Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch

Heart Analyzer is the ultimate tool for Apple Watch users who want to take their heart health seriously. This app uses the advanced sensors in the Apple Watch to provide users with detailed insights into their heart rate data, helping them identify trends and patterns that they may not have even known existed.

One of the standout features of Heart Analyzer is its commitment to privacy. The app does not share any data with third-party analytics, and all data stays on the user’s device. Additionally, Heart Analyzer does not modify any health data, ensuring that users have complete control over their information.


Using Heart Analyzer, Apple Watch users can view graphical plots of their heart rate data alongside other metrics and trends from the past two years. The app also provides in-depth metrics on heart rates from the past four years, including average, maximum, minimum, resting, HRV, and more.

Heart Analyzer’s deep analytics are based on heart rate, activity, and workout data, providing unique insights into important metrics like HR Recovery and HR Zones. Users can generate and export custom Heart Report PDFs with a variety of metrics and timescales, complete with password protection support.


On the Apple Watch, Heart Analyzer provides a redesigned app that displays heart rate data throughout the day. The app also provides metrics on move, exercise, cardio points, HRV, and resting heart rates over the past week, as well as a full dive into recent workouts with energy, VO2Max, blood O2 saturation, and even HR recovery.

Heart Analyzer also offers customizable complications to keep users up to date on their heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate variability. With the Infograph Modular complication, users can even view a heart rate chart right on their wrist.

In short, Heart Analyzer is an essential app for Apple Watch users who want to take control of their heart health. With its advanced analytics, customizable metrics, and commitment to privacy, Heart Analyzer is a must-have app for anyone looking to better understand and monitor their heart. You can download the app here.