Lose Weight With Apple Watch

Having a healthier lifestyle requirers changes. Living in a better way can be difficult, because change is oftentimes not easy. Taking care of your overall health starts with your diet.

Lark is basically your personal nutritionist, always ready and available 24/7. The app feels very personal, because you communicate through a chat interface. This gives an interesting and simple experience, of something similar to a messenger.

With Lark you can chat about your meals, and you will receive instant responses. If you eat unhealthy food, Lark will remind and motivate you to eat something healthy. Lark also tracks your physical activity, and sleep.

The Apple Watch app is super simple, and works the same way as the iPhone app. It is particularly great, because you can just talk to your Apple Watch, and Lark will automatically respond, providing you with feedback and useful advice.

Check out the video below, to see Lark on Apple Watch in action.

You can also download Lark here for free.