Level Up Your Home Security with Level Lock+

The smart home company Level is ushering in a new era of smart locks with their innovative product line, including the Level Bolt, Level Lock, and the latest, Level Lock+ with Apple Home Keys.

The Level Bolt is a game-changer, being the first ‘invisible’ smart lock. It installs within your door, preserving the aesthetic of your home while providing the convenience and security of a smart lock. This clever design makes your existing lock ‘smart’ without the need for bulky external hardware.

Next, the Level Lock integrates the ground-breaking engineering of the Bolt with an aesthetically pleasing design, resulting in the smallest smart lock ever. The Level Lock – Touch Edition takes user convenience a step further, allowing access with a simple touch of a finger or NFC key cards. It’s smart home tech that literally fits in the palm of your hand.

Level Lock WatchAppList

The newest addition, Level Lock+, expands on this technological prowess by integrating Apple Home Keys. Users can now gain access with a simple tap from their compatible iPhone or Apple Watch, delivering security and simplicity in one seamless experience.

Complementing these devices is the Level app, which transforms your phone into a smart key. It’s not just about locking and unlocking your door. The app allows you to share access with trusted individuals, create event passes, and even personalize your Level Bolt and Level Lock settings.

For those invested in existing smart home ecosystems, Level doesn’t disappoint. All Level Bolt and Level Lock devices, including the Touch Edition, are compatible with Alexa, Ring, and HomeKit.

When paired with an Amazon Sidewalk-enabled device, you can integrate your Level lock with Ring, enabling control from anywhere through the Level or Ring apps, and even allowing voice commands via Alexa. The compatibility with HomeKit allows for remote access and control through the Level and Apple Home apps, Siri commands, home automation creation, and instant notifications for Apple users.

Level Lock Apple Watch WatchAppList demo

In a nutshell, Level‘s smart lock suite, especially the Level Lock+, redefines home security by integrating innovative technology, aesthetic design, and user-friendly features. It’s not just about securing your home anymore; it’s about doing it with style, simplicity, and a touch of intelligence. With Level, your smart home experience is truly elevated.

You can buy the Level Lock+ on Amazon for $329. The Level Keypad is currently 22% off on Amazon and costs only $61. The Level iPhone app can be downloaded here.