Is the new “Double Tap” feature on the best Apple Watches useful?

With the new double tap gesture, users can easily control Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 using just one hand and without touching the display. Users can tap the index finger and thumb of their watch hand together twice to quickly perform many of the most common actions. 

The ‘Double Tap’ feature allows for a nearly hands-free experience. Simply tap your index finger to your thumb on the same hand wearing your Apple Watch to activate various functions. It works anytime the display is awake, and the feature is available all day long with minimal impact to battery life.

This innovative feature is especially useful when your other hand is occupied, whether you’re holding a leash, cooking utensils, or enjoying a beverage. The double tap gesture available on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is powered by the S9 SiP, which is 25 percent more power efficient than the previous generation.

Here are some innovative ways the ‘Double Tap’ feature can streamline your daily activities:

  1. Managing Calls with Ease: Easily answer or end phone calls on your Apple Watch by using the ‘Double Tap’, a perfect solution when your iPhone isn’t readily accessible.
  2. Snoozing Alarms: Quickly snooze alarms for nine minutes, all without pressing a single button.
  3. Controlling Audio Playback: Seamlessly play or pause music, podcasts, and audiobooks with a quick double tap.
  4. Remote Photography: Use your Apple Watch as a remote for your iPhone’s camera. Double tap to
  5. Stopwatch Control: Start and stop the stopwatch function with ease, perfect for tracking workouts or other timed activities.

There are multiplie others uses, and depending on which 3rd-party app you may be using, developers can choose to integrate the Double Tap feature into the user interface.

Although, the double tap gesture isn’t available when Low Power Mode is on, Sleep Focus is active, the display is inactive because your wrist is down, or certain accessibility features are on. Additionally, double tap isn’t available on an Apple Watch you set up for a family member, and works only when your Apple Watch is on your wrist and unlocked, according to Apple.

Still, The Double Tap feature redefines the user experience, replacing traditional button interactions with a more natural and accessible gesture. Do you plan on using it?