iPhone 13 models are Apple’s heaviest and largest ever

It seems like just yesterday where the iPhone 2g featured a 3.5″ display size. With a massive 6.7″ screen, today’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max towers over the original iPhone with an almost 2x larger screen. But how did we get here?

While the larger screen size was well-received by most for the more enjoyable viewing experience, this came with it’s own drawbacks.

The iPhone 2g, iconically released in June 2007, came in at a 135 grams with an overall thickness of 11.6mm. For years, it seemed that Apple was heading into the thin and light direction. In 2017, Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 and 7 Plus weighed in at 138 grams and 188 grams respectively, boasting 4.7″ and 5.5″ displays, while having 7.1mm and 7.3mm thicknesses.

Certainly, these were some of the last iPhones to remain truly light. Today, Apple offers 4 choices in its iPhone 13 lineup: iPhone 13 Mini (141 grams), iPhone 13 (174 grams), iPhone 13 Pro (204 grams) and iPhone 13 Pro Max (240 grams). The thickest has remained at 7.65mm across the board.

Sadly, the rumours are pointing towards Apple removing the “mini” option from their iPhone lineup next year in favour of a larger model, following disappointing iPhone 12 mini sales. We hope that if iPhone 13 mini sales prove it to be a worthwhile device, Apple’ll keep this “mini” form factor around for a while.

Do you think iPhone have gotten too large and heavy nowadays?