Introducing Apple Watch Series 9 Hermès Edition

The Apple Watch Hermès partnership revolve around the latter’s leather straps, which are an ode to the house’s leather-making tradition. The finesse of the leather work and the signature details in the service of a classic, refined style demonstrate the wealth of Hermès’ heritage.

The Hermès Apple Watch Series 9 is available with a variety of unique bands and materials, including the Bridon, Kilim, Toile H, and Twill Jump. These bands are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to be both stylish and comfortable.

  • The “Ecru Toile H” (leftmost) band is made out of Polyamide Yarn. Inspired by the brand’s signature cotton canvas first introduced in 1930, it can be described as a silky, woven pattern in a gold color way. It represents some of Hermès most classic colors.
  • The “Twill Jump” band is crafted from woven nylon in rich, solid, iconic Hermès orange with contrasting details.
  • The “Hermès Brido” band is made from a continuous knit that’s hand braided into a 3D chevron pattern.
  • Finally, the “Hermès Kilim” is the line’s sportiest band, and it’s made from waterproof molded rubber. The overall aesthetic is equal parts athletic and artful.

When paired with the elegant new Hermès Radial face, these timepieces are as iconic as they are innovative. The Hermès watch faces are exclusive to those models, and there’s no way to get them after purchase without the Hermès model.

Each band retails individually for $349. What do you think of the collaboration?