Innovative Running Band for Apple Watch

Glancing your Apple Watch has never been easier than with the SHIFT band from EdgeGear. The SHIFT band moves your watch so you can see it better when running. The LED heart rate monitor works the same in this position and you even get the added benefit that your sleeve will not cover your Apple Watch. 

This is probably the Apple Watch band that most embodies Apple’s own “Think different” mentality. Like Apple, EdgeGear is not afraid to challenge the status quo and they ask the question: If the running watch was invented now, where would we place it to best view the torrent of running stats, incoming messages, etc.

The video below shows runners at the NY marathon commenting on first impressions.

SHIFT is compatible with the Apple Watch (and most Garmin watches) and uses the same Apple Watch quick release mechanism and comes with adapters for both the 38mm and 42mm size.

The band is about half the weight of the Apple Watch Sport Band and is well ventilated to reduce sweat pooling.  It’s also adaptable to either left or right hands and is easy to put on, as demonstrated by this video below.

The SHIFT band by EdgeGear is currently on sale at $29.99 (25% off Winter Sale) on their website and also includes free worldwide shipping.