Improve your runs with Apple Watch

Those of us who run or want to start running, know it can sometimes be tough to stay motivated. With RunSocial GPS, the “10 minute run’s enough” excuse won’t apply anymore because it has a competitive / social element where you can run against friends and others anywhere, virtually, LIVE! It’s the only app in the world that can do this.

RunSocial GPS for Apple Watch has a screen with your usual run data (time, distance, HR, pace, etc.) and several screens with very unusual data:

  1. A summary leaderboard screen of other runners around the world live
  2. A detailed screen of one of the other runners (select via leaderboard or via the Watch’s crown)

Both screens display how far other runners have run RELATIVE to you. So if someone’s clocked 5km and you’ve done 2km the leaderboard will show they are 3km ahead. This could be because they are faster or they simply started earlier. You can try to catch up or keep up, either way, you’re now running with someone virtually, literally live!

Other features include seeing if others are faster or slower, controlling your music list, linking to Apple Health, syncing to STRAVA and there’s a unique running events function. RunSocial GPS does need internet so, like for music, your Apple Watch will need iPhone connectivity while you run.

Watch the video below to see RunSocial GPS in action:

Make sure to download RunSocial GPS and never run alone again!