How to use Safari on Apple Watch

With the upcoming release of watchOS 5, Apple decided to integrate WebKit – which is basically a mini-Safari. Whenever possible, the Apple Watch will show a lightweight, readability enabled version of the website you’re trying to reach.

One key thing to know is that there is no Safari app on the Apple Watch in watchOS 5. So the only way to open web content on your Apple Watch will be through the Mail or Messages app.


It’s definitely not smooth, but you’ll have to send yourself a web link through an e-mail or message, and then tap on that link on your Apple Watch to open Safari. One simple workaround to have more web access, would be to send yourself a link. From there you could access most websites much faster.

So, in no way did Apple want to bring a full fledged browser to your Apple Watch. But what WebKit does, is add convenience to your Apple Watch.

watchOS-5-rich-web-content-800x295 (1)

What are your thoughts on “mini Safari”?