How To Type On A Keyboard On Your Apple Watch

Scribbling letters on your Apple Watch to write words just isn’t very fun. It’s very time consuming and simply isn’t very practical. Dictating doesn’t do much better: crowded places can seriously make your Apple Watch misspell words. Now, with a genius app, we can say goodbye to these annoying methods and say hello to a real keyboard.

With the FlickType App available on App Store, you can use a mini keyboard on your Apple Watch to send and reply to messages. You would think that this a keyboard on Apple Watch wouldn’t work, yet it works very effortlessly and comfortably. Typing on a keyboard goes much quicker. FlickType uses a unique algorithm to find the correct words you’re trying to type, so accuracy isn’t a problem. This method actually goes surprisingly quickly: about 3 to 4 times faster than VoiceOver. 

The keyboard has a QWERTY layout, so you’ll be very familiar with it. A nice bonus, the keyboard has large keys and high-contrast color themes. There are also emojis and text shortcuts. Overall, FlickType is the closest you’ll get to typing perfection on Apple Watch. The keyboard has everything you could wish for, and updates are constantly being made to improve the experience. The reviews on this app have been very positive from customers.

You can download FlickType on the Watch App Store. The app costs $1.99, a small price to pay for something you’ll likely use every day. Are you going to purchase FlickType?