How to take full advantage of your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a very simple and easy device to use. You set it up once, and it works flawlessly. But what are some ways to get the most out of your Apple Watch? We’ve compiled a list of ways to get full advantage of your watch’s experience.

While there are many small settings and toggles you can pick and choose, here’s what we think can make a difference in your experience:

1: Customize Activity Rings

You’d be surprised how many people never think to change their Activity Ring goals. This can be an especially important setting to change, depending on your lifestyle, age, health, etc. You can adjust your move goal, exercise goal, and stand goal.

2: Enabling bold text

On Apple Watch head to “Display and Brightness” then enable “Bold Text”

Enabling bold text can be a huge improvement to the quality of your Apple Watch experience. Most people think that if the text is too small to read comfortably that they need to increase the size of text, but this will simultaneously decrease the amount of text displayed. Instead, you can enable bold text, which significantly helps viewing and strains the eyes less but doesn’t reduce the amount of word shown. Additionally, time and complications will be easier to read at a quick glance.

3: Customise your home screen

Alternatively, you can opt for a “List View” of app icons

Once you download a couple of apps, your Apple Watch’s Home Screen can become very cluttered with apps you almost never use. That’s why we recommend to take a few minutes to reorganise your Home Screen. This can be done by colour or section (health, work, social, etc.) to help you find the app you need. While you can re-arange the apps on the Apple Watch directly, it’s much easier to do it from the “Watch” app on iPhone.

How do you use your Apple Watch?