How To Download Apps From Your Apple Watch

A couple of months ago, Apple released the much-anticipated watchOS 6, an operating system for the Apple Watch. In the new watchOS, you can now download apps onto your Apple watch directly through the App Store on the Apple Watch. It’s much easier and simpler than ever before to install your favorite apps on Apple Watch.

How to Download Apps On Apple Watch (Method 1)

Step 1: Make sure you’re running watchOS 6

Step 2: Open your watch and locate the App Store App

Step 3: Open the App Store App

Step 4: Scroll through the featured apps and categories until you find the app you want

Step 5: Press the download button to install the app onto your Apple Watch

Once you’ve found the app you fancy, just like on your phone, you can see a short description of the app, it’s the rating, reviews, and developer, along with other info. There are no compromises on this tiny App Store right on your wrist.

How to Download Apps On Apple Watch (Method 2)


Step 1: Open your iPhone

Step 2: Find the Watch App and open it

Step 3: On the bottom right, click on the App Store widget

Step 4: Scroll through the apps

Step 5: Once you’ve found the app you want, download it

Step 6: Press the name of the app you wish to put on your Apple Watch

Step 7: Move the slider to install the app

You should only have to use this method if your Apple Watch Series doesn’t support watchOS 6. If it does support it, it’s easier to use the App Store on your Apple Watch. Anyways, once you install the apps, you’ll see it appear on the home screen in your Apple Watch.


The App Store on Apple Watch is growing at a steady pace and includes some really excellent apps. Compared to its rival counterparts, the Apple Watch completely dominated the App domain.

Do you have many apps on your Apple Watch?