How an Apple Watch can save your life: the guide to protect yourself and your loved ones

Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 11 which provides the  possibility to call for help in emergency cases. Not only will you  connect with your local emergency service, but you can also create  a list of people you’d like to notify. 

Apple Watch Heart Rate

For those who have already entered their data to Medical ID tab in the Health app, it would take a few minutes to just add the emergency contacts. To add them, tap ‘Edit’ in Medical ID tab, then tap Add under Emergency Contacts. Be sure that contact belongs to Apple Contacts list, because adding contacts from another lists can cause issues. After that, specify a Relationship, e.g, ‘husband’, ‘father’.

Those who have not entered their data to Medical ID, should do it first before they can set the emergency list. Medical ID contains such data as the wearer’s date of birth, blood type, information about allergies, height, weight etc. This data would be shown on the watch face as the SOS signal is pressed.

Right now you can set up to three contacts. All of them will get a message saying you triggered an emergency. Also they will be provided with the location, and notified every time your location changes.