High quality and practical Apple accessories

There are many Apple accessory companies, but few are actually worth recommending! One of our new favorites is a company called Fuse Chicken (cool name?!), which makes super high quality and well designed cables and a very practical Apple Watch dock.

Let’s start with the fully adjustable Apple Watch dock called “Bobine” ($24 Amazon).

We have previously reviewed Apple Watch docks, but most of them are limited in a way which makes them only usable on a desk or night stand. However, there are many different use cases where a dock could be practical. The Bobine is the dock which is about functionality. The super strong cable with a good amount of flex can be adjusted to many different positions and maintain them all. Whether it is on your desk, car, or even outdoor.

If you have ever owned an Apple product, then you know that the commonly agreed upon weakness is the substandard cable quality; the cables simply tend not to withstand the tests of time. Take a look at this picture (I have many similar cables which Apple refused to replace):

broken iphone cable

This brings us to two cables we would highly recommend from Fuse Chicken:

These cables are indeed something. Both the SHIELD and ARMOUR LOOP have a metal mesh around the core cable. This makes them much more rigid, stronger, and better protected against bending and regular wear. Although these cables are literally wrapped in metal, they are surprisingly lightweight, which makes them as portable as a regular cable. Especially the ARMOUR LOOP is super portable. All cables are MFi Lightning certified, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Get the SHIELD here ($34 Amazon).

Get the ARMOUR LOOP here ($29 Amazon).