Here’s why the new Sleep App in watchOS 9 is the best ever

Apple has answered the many demands by Apple Watch enthusiasts to improve their Sleep App in the latest announcement of watchOS 9 at WWDC.

As it turn out, the sleep app has been “beefed up”, with the latest changes made by Apple. They have provided more detailed and insightful data into your sleep, right in the app.

Now, users have the possibility to see precisely the various sleep stages experience throughout the night. This includes the time they are awake during the night, the time spent in REM (associated with dreaming and memory consolidation), how much core sleep you’re getting (the most essential part of the night), and finally the deep sleep period (declarative memory training).

Additionally, the watch will provide insights into the trends it’s noticed in the past weeks. You will also have the option to view this and your sleep history in the Health App on your iPhone. The Apple Watch detects all this using signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor. That means this feature will be available to every Apple Watch supported by watchOS 9.

The developper beta of watchOS 9 is already available, but it won’t be until July that we see the public beta available for download. Note that to download watchOS 9, you’ll need an iPhone 8 or newer running iOS 16.

Are you excited to see watchOS 9 soon?