Here’s our watchOS 7 Wishlist

The Apple Watch’s software is part of its magic. Apple pays the closest attention to detail and gives your Apple Watch a new life with each update. September 2020 is just over half a year away, and we expect Apple to be releasing watchOS 7 then. Here is what we’d like to see on watchOS 7.

There are a couple of neat features that need to be implemented in the next watchOS.

We’d like to have the option to create your own watchfaces. This is super important to Apple Watch enthusiasts. Having your own watchface, instead of customizing Apple’s, gives you a deeper connection with your Apple Watch, and enables you to show your creativity right on your wrist. If you’re looking at it all day, then you should have to option to make it yours. Above we see an idea for a watchface designed with pilots in mind.

Next up on our list is schedules. This would allow you to set specific schedules, from do not disturb to watchfaces. So you can wake up with a certain watchface, have an information-oriented watchface while at work, and seamlessly switch to a classier and more elegant watchface during dinner on a night out. This could be also possible by your watch tracking your location and switching certain elements accordingly. It’s a small change, yet goes a long way towards having a better overall experience.

Our last wish is to be able to open certain apps or execute specific functions by screen gestures. For example, a swipe to the left with two fingers would immediately open your favorite workout, or a quick double-tap would prompt the flashlight to open. What would you like to see on watchOS 7?