Great Apple Watch Bands for Exercising

So it’s the new year, and everyone is going to the gym. If you’re looking for some comfortable, reliable watch bands to come along with you on your runs and workouts, then you’re in luck. Here are our top Apple Watch Bands for exercising. 

1:INTENY Sport Band


INTENY’s Sport Band is an excellent, affordable counterpart to Apple’s Sport Loop Band. It’s very affordable, at a modest $7.99. The Band is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in 38, 40, 42, and 44 mm variants. The band has high-quality material, which is soft on your skin. Just like Apple’s version, the band is quite fashionable and has good ventilation.


Don’t worry about getting too sweaty wearing this band – it allows moisture to escape. Also, you can get the band in over 20 colors, that’s more than Apple can muster. All in all, this is a great band to exercise with, just remember to wash it so it doesn’t smell. You can buy the band from Amazon here.

2: Apple Sport Band


Apple makes some great bands, and while this one is a bit pricy, if you’re willing to splurge a bit, we think it’s a great option. The Sport Band is made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, which allows it to be durable and strong. Don’t be fooled, the band is still very soft, so your wrist won’t hurt after a couple of hours. The clean design looks very elegant on the wrist. To fasten the band, there’s an innovative pin-and-tuck closure that ensures a clean fit for anybody. Also, there’s a ton of great color options including Clementine, Alaskan Blue,
and more.

 You can get the band for $49.99 from Apple’s website.

It’s fairly simple to start a workout on Apple Watch.

Open your Apple Watch > Press on the Workout App > Pick the exercise you want to do > Tap Start. Also, if you start doing some sort of activity, your watch will ask you if you want to initiate a workout, so you don’t have to fumble around on your watch. You can see the workout data in the Health App on your iPhone.

Are you heading to the gym with your Apple Watch this year?