Here are our favourite Apple Watch Series 7 Reviews

The Apple Watch Series 7 has been out for a few weeks. Here are our top 5 favourite reviews of Apple latest Apple Watch, in no particular order.


In a fun 10-minute video, Marques offers us his great review of the Apple Watch Series 7.

2: Andrew Ethan Zang

Andrew, a first-time Apple Watch user, shows us his reaction to his unboxing of the Series 7, and his initial impressions of the watch.

3: The Verge (Dieter)

In The Verge’s fantastic review of the Apple Watch Series 7, Dieter offers us his opinion and review of the watch with an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm.

4: Dave2D

Dave’s review of the Apple Watch is clear and precise. As usual, a thorough review from an enjoyable voice.

5: iPhonedo

An amazingly sharp video, iPhonedo covers everything you need to know about the Series 7 in ultra-clear 8K video.

Those were our picks for 5 amazing Apple Watch Series 7 reviews. Don’t forget to support by leaving a like, comment, or subscribing. What do you enjoy most about the Series 7?