Happy New Year from WatchAppList

Happy New Year dear WatchAppList readers! 2019 will be jam packed with daily Apple Watch content, so you can truly use your new Series 4 Apple Watches to the fullest.


2015 – 2018 have been game changing years for all things wearable, clearly dominated by the Apple Watch. It evolved from a “why do I need this” device, to a “I need it”. Starting with little apps which ran poorly on the original Apple Watch, to fully fledged out native Apple Watch apps in 2018. And we couldn’t be more excited for 2019.

The Apple Watch as a platform is still at its beginning, so imagine what the future will bring. We’re excited as ever.

On a side note, we at WatchAppList and AppList Media have some exciting announcements to make soon, so stay tuned! Celebrate well, and we see all of you tomorrow!

– With love, team WatchAppList

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