Get WhatsApp on your Apple Watch with IM+

Like all of my friends, I use a ton of social networks. Some of my friends are more active on Skype, others on WhatsApp, and some on Twitter, GTalk, or Facebook. Naturally, this creates some friction. Sometimes, I have to think where best to message a particular friend. For me, this leads to more than 10 social / messenger apps on my iPhone.


On my Mac, the situation used to be similar. I had several apps, and a couple browser tabs open, which were basically constantly occupied by social networks. Who enjoys that experience?

Luckily there is a great alternative – the popular messenger IM+ made by our friends at SHAPE. The all-in-one instant messenger rose to fame for combining all popular social messengers under one interface. This is super practical. For instance, I use the IM+ Mac app ($17.99) and the iPhone app ($4.99). It aggregates WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Messenger, Twitter, and many others.

Now finally, the developer brought IM+ to the Apple Watch, and they’re starting with WhatsApp. For now, IM+ Watch only supports WhatsApp.

After downloading, you can scan the QR code with WhatsApp on your iPhone and your messages will appear on the Apple Watch. The process itself can take some time, as especially older Apple Watch models don’t have the fastest processors.

Right now, with IM+ Watch you’ll be able receive, read and send WhatsApp messages. You can go through your chats, and view images. Replying to chats through voice or quick answers, will be possible in upcoming versions.

As IM+ is a messenger aggregator, more services will be added to IM+ Watch over time. This will be very exciting, in particular with the new coming Apple Watch Series 4, with a larger screen. We can’t wait to see where IM+ Watch will go.

Get IM+ Watch here for $2.99.