Get 100+ great Mac apps for $10/month

Today we want to write about Mac apps. There are many of them, and most good ones aren’t cheap. A Mac app called Setapp offers over 100 fantastic Mac apps on a subscription basis for $10 / month. That’s right, you basically get Netflix for Mac apps

MacBook Pro

The Setapp team went through the work of finding the best apps in different categories. Users can download as many apps as they need, and use them with all their pro features. Mac apps on Setapp don’t have any ads, so using them is actually pleasant. Many of the Setapp apps by themselves cost dozens of dollars – why not save money and and have access to all of them? It’s both, great and cheap.

Here are our top 3 Setapp apps:

IM+ ($18 on Mac App Store)

IM+ combines many messaging apps in one – messaging on steroids so to speak. You can log in once into Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, or others, and then use them conveniently. It’s great that push notifications work super fast. If you’re a power user, you can also add a service multiple times, e.g. 4 Twitter accounts.

IM+ Mac

Ulysses ($40 / year on Mac App Store)

There are many writing apps. Ulysses belongs to the creme de la creme. It’s a text powerhouse enabling you to simply create word, doc, PDF, or eBook files. If you’re a blogger, you can easily publish to Medium or WordPress. The app is very well designed and thought over.

Ulysses Mac

Gemini ($20 on Mac App Store)

How many duplicate files do you have on your Mac? Probably a lot. But it’s a real headache to find them and delete those useless, space sucking files. The best way to find and eliminate those duplicates is through Gemini. The app scans your Mac, and quickly determines which duplicates should be deleted.

Gemini Mac

Get Setapp here for $10 / month!