Fun way to burn calories with Apple Watch

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is obviously a key element to the Apple Watch experience. There are a bunch of apps that are pretty good for specific workouts or fitness ambitions. But clearly most lack a fun and entertaining element to them.

Hunhu, Inc. developed a cool fitness app which addresses this issue – the app is called Kameetures. To get started, users have to train and collect magical creatures, the Kameetures. It’s great that the app is directly integrated with Apple Health, as it will additionally motivate you to exercise in order to train your Kameetures. The app has some cool dynamics in it; as you train to achieve your daily move goals, you will make the creatures happy and earn trophies, while at the same time close the fitness rings (very satisfying and addicting). Additionally there is a useful complication which you can add to your watch face showing the progress towards your next creatures goal.

The creatures which you unlock inside the app, are also available to be used inside iMessage as stickers!

Apple Watch Kameetures

Kameetures further offers a $0.99 subscription, which currently unlocks an unlimited Kameeture team size (otherwise limited to 5 creatures in your team). Other premium features will be coming soon. While you’re making progress, try to collect all Kameetures. This will be fun and challenging – guaranteed!

The app also has a pretty cool community spotlight page, where the most active users are shown, as well as some additional data on lost weight and more. Check it out here!

Apple Watch Kameetures community

Explore a new way to lose weight while collecting fun creatures with Kameetures! Download the app here for free.