Fun Brain Training On Apple Watch

It is no secret that we really love the Apple Watch, because of many things, but primarily because of its convenience, usability, productivity, and design (among other things of course). We previously wrote about Elevate, a cool brain training app, which is actually useful because it increases productivity. Peak is a similar education app, also with cool exercises, and a stronger focus on community.

Peak’s 30 games were developed by neuroscientists, which challenge cognitive skills of users. A daily “brain workout”, will contribute to your focus, attention, problem solving skills, creativity, memory, and more.

The Apple Watch app is also pretty fun, with three unique games meant to be played on the go. Peak is really worth playing for a longer period, because its game mechanics are entertaining and don’t get boring over time. Of course your task progress is tracked, and is even more fun with friends.

You can download Peak here for free.

Peak Apple Watch