Fun Apple Watch Game “Loop & Dot”

Good Apple Watch apps and games should be designed to show users useful information, while being quick and convenient.

Loop & Dot is definitely a quick, simple and engaging Apple Watch game, which can be played at a glance. The game has two basic elements:
1. The Loop, a shape shifting ring which has to catch the Dot
2. The Dot, a clever shape shifting ring whose sole purpose is to avoid Loop

Playing Loop & Dot is simple, just turn the Digital Crown up or down. You have 14 seconds to catch as many Dots as possible. The game is satisfying and actually addicting, and I have even challenged my friends to beat my high score. You also get haptic feedback when the Dot is caught. When you get enough coins, you can change the paint of the Loop.

In addition to the Apple Watch app, you also get a universal iOS app, and even some funny iMessage stickers.

Download Loop & Dot here for only $0.99.