Footpath for Apple Watch is Your Ultimate Route Planner

Dive into the thrill of outdoor exploration with Footpath, an innovative route planning and navigation app for your Apple Watch. With a swift sweep of your finger, you can map out your unique journey, as Footpath intuitively latches onto the nearest roads and trails.

This Apple Watch app allows you to measure distances and elevations in real-time, equipping you with essential information for any adventure. Furthermore, Footpath offers the convenience of planning and storing up to five routes for future reference, helping you prepare for your next big venture.

Footpath’s versatile application is designed to cater to a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re a dedicated runner, an enthusiastic hiker, a passionate cyclist, or even a sailing fanatic, Footpath is your dependable digital companion. Its adaptability extends across different terrains and countries, making it a go-to application for any adventure, big or small.

Want more? Upgrade to the Footpath Elite subscription for a comprehensive suite of enhanced features. Elite users enjoy the benefits of real-time, turn-by-turn audio navigation cues delivered directly to your iPhone and Apple Watch. No more worrying about losing your way; Footpath ensures you’re always on track, even when offline.

With Footpath Elite, you also gain access to a plethora of premium offline 3D and topographic maps. These high-quality maps, which include Footpath Outdoors and USGS Topo Maps, are enhanced with features like cycling lanes, elevation contour lines, and avalanche slope shading. You can download these maps for offline use and save your favorite places for quick access, tailoring your mapping experience to suit your needs.


Footpath Elite doesn’t just stop at navigation and mapping. It equips you with a comprehensive toolset to analyze your performance. Record GPS tracks of your activities, view activity logs, and analyze advanced metrics like splits, speed, elevation, and heart rate. You can even export your routes and workouts to Apple Health, keeping your health and fitness data all in one place.


Moreover, Footpath Elite users have the privilege to export data in various formats, including GPX, TCX, and FIT, for detailed analysis and sharing. This flexibility makes it easier for you to share your journey with friends or to revisit your favorite trails.


With Footpath for Apple Watch, you are not just another explorer – you’re part of a global network of adventurers, redefining outdoor exploration one route at a time. You can download the Apple Watch app here for free.