Everything we know about the Apple Watch SE 2

When Apple released the Apple Watch SE in September of 2018, it proved to be a great success. It was “the ultimate combination of design, function, and value”, as Apple put it. Now things are heading towards an update of the popular runner-up.

The Apple Watch SE was announced alongside the Series 6 at the September keynote in September of 2021.

The SE and the Series 6 shared the same overall design, as well as the general functionality of the wearable, minus a few things missing from the SE. The Series 6 had the advantage of the better health-tracking capabilities and an always-on display, but many customers were willing to pass up on these features due to the SE’s more affordable pricing.

After all, the SE launched with a $279 price tag, while the extra features of the Series 6 meant it carried a $399 price with it.

Now, it’s looking like there may be an Apple Watch SE 2 coming this year. Few details have been shared and Apple has not confirmed the SE 2 to be releasing yet, but it’s looking as if there will be one. The watch may release later this year at the annual September Keynote, alongside the iPhone 14 lineup.

You can expect an updated processor, improved microphones, speakers, and battery life, a slightly brighter screen, all with the same $279 price tag that came with the original. The changes are not going to be momunantal, but the update could be attractive for users looking to upgrade from a original SE or getting into the smart watch world for the first time.

What would you like to see on the Apple Watch SE 2?