Everything to know about Apple Watch Family Setup

The popularity of the Apple Watch among children is on the rise with kids as young as 5 using the device. Many parents are turning to the Apple Watch as an alternative to smartphones for their kids, as it allows them to stay connected with their parents, share their location, and learn responsibility without the full cost and potential risks of a smartphone.

One useful feature for parents is Apple’s Family Setup, which allows them to set up a cellular Apple Watch SE 2 or Series 4 and higher from their iPhone without requiring an iPhone for the child. Additionally, the Family Setup feature includes a Schooltime mode that allows parents to restrict their child’s Apple Watch during school hours, which can be managed remotely from their iPhone.

When it comes to finding the right watch bands for kids, it’s important to look for bands specifically made for children, as adult bands may not fit properly on smaller wrists. For example, a Nike Sport style band with a buckle can be a good fit for kids and can be found for under $15.

While the cost of a new Apple Watch for kids can be steep, with a 40mm Apple Watch SE 2 with cellular selling for $299, there are alternative options such as shopping for second-hand watches on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon’s refurbished inventory. It’s also possible to find hand-me-down watches with cellular capabilities that can be used with Family Setup.

The Apple Watch is becoming a popular choice for kids as it allows them to communicate with their parents, share their location, and develop responsibility without the expense and potential dangers of a smartphone. With restricted access to the internet and no social media apps, the watch can be a useful introduction to technology for kids if parents want a controlled way to introduce it to their children, and many useful accessories can be added to complete the experience, like this portable Apple Watch charging puck on Amazon.

If you have experience setting up your child with an Apple Watch, feel free to share your tips and suggestions in the comments below.