Discover Your Inner Runner with WatchTo5K for Apple Watch

Embark on your running journey and reach your 5K goal in just 9 weeks with WatchTo5K, an innovative app specifically designed for the Apple Watch. Devised for absolute beginners, this progressive program eases you into the world of running with three weekly sessions interspersed with rest days.

By the end of the 9-week regimen, you’ll be crossing the 5km mark in less than 30 minutes.

Incredibly convenient, WatchTo5K can run independently on your Apple Watch, freeing you from the tether of your iPhone. With its watch-face complications, you can effortlessly monitor your progress and kickstart the app, enabling you to focus on the path ahead.

WatchTo5K extends its utility beyond the wrist with an accompanying iPhone app. This feature helps you track your strides, offering insights into your past runs, health data, and routes. To keep you motivated, the app awards achievements marking significant milestones like running continuously for 5 minutes or conquering a specific distance.

The app takes full advantage of Apple Health integration. Not only do your sessions contribute to your overall activity goals, but WatchTo5K also captures detailed metrics such as your route, distance, calories burned, average speed, and heart rate. All these features allow for precise tracking of your fitness journey.


WatchTo5K understands the power of music to fuel your run. It smoothly integrates with your favorite music player or podcast app, subtly dipping the volume to provide instructions and progress updates. You’ll even receive a halfway signal to guide your return journey, alongside an intuitive countdown timer using both sounds and haptics.

The app respects your individual pace. With the option to repeat runs, it offers flexibility for your unique journey towards 5K. In the spirit of celebrating your efforts, WatchTo5K recognizes your progress and crowns your accomplishments with trophies.

Take the first step towards your 5K goal with WatchTo5K – a comprehensive and personalized guide designed to transform you from a beginner into a confident runner. You can download the Apple Watch app here.