CyberCars: NFTs to travel the metaverse

If we introduce NFTs to our Apple community, we want to do it with a bang – right? The CyberCars NFT project is the most exciting thing we came across in 2022 in the NFT space.

First off, what are CyberCars?

The CyberCars team has completely rethought on how NFTs can be used. They build a 3D game for iOS and Android, where minted CyberCars NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain can be played with. How awesome is that? A verifiable NFT can be played with in their game, and other metaverses. The first CyberCars NFT (CyberCrack) was even featured in the prestigious Hermitage museum’s NFT exhibition.


Additionally your NFT can be viewed in augmented reality (AR), and positioned on any surface. That’s how your CyberCars NFT will start to feel real.


A big benefit of being owning a CyberCar is to actually be able to use it on Decentraland. This sounds great! Usually NFTs don’t carry much utility, but here they can be used outside of the CyberCars ecosystem as well.

Unique license plates

At minting, every CyberCar gets a custom license plate and country flag (determined by the minter).

Virtual 3D Garage

Once you own a CyberCar NFT, it can be viewed in 3D and played with in your browser. The 3D model will show your NFT 1:1 from all angles, including the interior, unique license plate, and openable doors.


Every CyberCar comes with a set rarity, which consists of the CyberCar color, license plates, background colors, and country flags. This will unlock more features in the CyberCars game later on.

Once you mint the NFT, it will appear in your MetaMask wallet and on your OpenSea account. If the MetaMask or OpenSea iOS apps will release an Apple Watch version, you’ll be able to view the CyberCars NFTs on your Apple Watch as well.

Utility NFT

Unlike other NFT projects, every CyberCar comes with tons of utility features:

  1. A mobile game with NFT verification
  2. The virtual garage for playing with the CyberCar NFT in 3D on your computer
  3. A Decentraland integration
  4. Viewing it in augmented reality
  5. Exclusive access and giveaways to offline racing events and Zoom’s with racing celebrities
  6. Limited merch


The CyberCars project states that their roadmap includes a community driven DAO, and potential release of their own CyberCars token. They also plan on adding more and more utility to every NFT holder. Essentially your CyberCars NFT becomes and access pass to racing events, discounts at performance brands, and more.

How can I get one?

You will need a MetaMask wallet with some ETH in it. Then, you’ll be able to mint one on on mint day. Minting starts on 2/22/22, so mark the date and get ready. These CyberCars are awesome.

Only 2,222 CyberCars Cybertruck versions will be minted, and some will be extremely rare. So it’s better to be ready. Or buy them later on OpenSea after all have been minted. The initial mint price is set to 0.1 ETH.

You can also download their iPhone game, join their Discord to chat with the CyberCars team, or follow them on their social channels @getcybercars.

Do you own NFTs? What do you think about this project? Let us know in the comments!