Calendars by Readdle for Apple Watch: Time Management Made Effortless

Calendars by the Ukrainian app developer Readdle has recently launched its new and improved app designed exclusively for Apple Watch users. With its sleek and simple UI, improved complications, and additional features, the Calendars app aims to enhance productivity by enabling users to take control of their time like never before.

Effortlessly Manage Your Time When You’re on the Go

The default Calendar app on Apple Watch has some limits in terms of how actually practical it is. Indeed, many default Apple apps could be significantly improved with added functionality. And that’s exactly where the Calendars app by Readdle shines.

With the Calendars app on Apple Watch (also available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac) users can quickly check their agenda and create new events without having to pull out their phones. Whether they’re working out, studying, or commuting to work, users can see their agenda at a glance, along with options for quick access to the monthly calendar.

Users can receive invites and updates on their appointments on the go and easily reply directly from their watch. The Calendars app on the watch syncs with the iPhone app, ensuring that the agenda is always up to date.


New Features and Sleek Apple Watch Faces

The redesigned Calendars app features an intuitive UI that is seamless. Users can automatically set one of the six pre-designed watch faces. The watch faces are designed to complement your personal style, whether you want to see your schedule as detailed as possible, or just some info to glance at.

Calendars Readdle Watch faces WatchAppList

Worried about Missing Appointments?

Users can easily add one or two of the Calendar’s complications to their watch face. The Calendars app offers two essential calendar views, the agenda (list view) and a minimalistic month view, and a task list view that allows users to mark completed tasks, edit, and delete them on the go.


The redesigned Apple Watch UI makes it simple to control the agenda, and users can easily switch between different views to suit their needs. Users will have quick and easy access to important calendar information right on their watch face, saving them time and hassle.


In a nutshell

Calendars for Apple Watch is designed to enhance productivity and enable users to take control of their time like never before. The app’s new and improved experience, sleek and modern design, and additional functionalities make time management effortless. With its redesign, Calendars seamlessly integrates with the Apple Watch, delivering effortless planning, and scheduling, while giving users a superior sense of controlling their day.


Whether users are walking, cycling, or reading, they can access their agenda by simply looking at their watch, ensuring that they never miss an appointment. The app’s ability to customize watch faces and add complications makes it easier than ever to switch between different watch faces and access important calendar information. With Calendars for Apple Watch, time management has never been more effortless.

You can download the Apple Watch app here for free.