Blood pressure monitoring coming to Samsung Watch Active

In many ways Apple leads the way, when it comes to driving the wearable industry forward. Features Apple introduces for watchOS, are then replicated by competitors. Now however, Samsung might have an interesting upcoming feature for its Samsung Watch Active.


In its press release, Samsung mentions an exciting feature that will be coming to its Samsung Watch Active: Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Blood Pressure Monitoring: New to the Galaxy wearable line, Galaxy Watch Active puts smarter blood pressure tracking on your wrist. Starting March 15, users can download My BP Lab, the research app jointly developed with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), directly to Galaxy Watch Active to monitor blood pressure and keep better track of their physical health every day.


UCSF has previously worked with the Cardiogram startup on the Apple Watch, to bring improved heart diagnostics and predict heart related medical conditions. Of course, Apple might long be working on a blood pressure monitoring feature. After all, it was also Apple who launched a first ECG capable Watch to consumers in massive numbers.

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