Best Productivity Apps

1. Hours (free)
Hours is the simplest way to track time across different tasks. The app will provide you with smart reminders, and give you detailed insights into how you allocate your time. It is also surprisingly simple to attach notes to your tasks.

Hours simple design makes it really pleasant to use.

2. 24me (free)
24me can help you in becoming more productive, through super useful features such as combining all your calendars, todo lists, notes, and personal accounts in one simple unified interface. All your events stay always synced, and appear in your calendar (24me works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more).

A really exiting feature is 24me’s ability to have smart notifications. For example it looks at traffic conditions in the background, to propose a time for leaving your location for an upcoming meeting. And by the way, if it rains 24me will let you know that maybe you should take an umbrella.

3. Fantastical ($5)
Are you happy with your existing calendar? Flexibits calendar app Fantastical 2, solves many common issues with calendars, such as bringing together your todo’s, events, reminders, repeating events, birthdays, locations, and much more.

Fantastical 2 has many amazing features, which make it perhaps the best calendar app in the App Store! You can add events, reminders, todo’s, and pretty much any task + location, into Fantastical 2. It is pretty great that the calendar can understand a specific context, e.g. you can enter a task by voice or text – “Dinner with Julie on Thursday”, and Fantastical 2 will schedule it for you.

4. OmniFocus 2 ($40)
The Apple Watch improved our lives, and some apps can help tremendously with getting things done. Obviously numerous task management apps exist out there, yet OmniFocus 2 sticks out, through a super simple user interface, focusing on the essential. Managing your busy life can be hard, and therefore it is great that OmniFocus 2 integrated practical features such as location awareness, background sync, notification center integration on iPhone, and a straightforward to do list environment on Apple Watch. The complication for the Modular Watch Face is our favorite, because it immediately outlines what you need to get done – TODAY.

5. iDisplay ($20 on iOS)
Since we love productivity improving apps, we thought that you should know about iDisplay. The app transforms your iPad, or any other iOS device into a fully functioning and touch enabled secondary display. This is great, and we digg it!

6. IM+ ($18 on Mac)
Who knows the pain of having 15 browser tabs open, while wasting time to find the right tab with an open chat? IM+ unites Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram, and others in one Mac app. IM+  is fast, looks beautiful, and saves you tons of time by having all your messaging in one place.