Best Apple products under $100

Most people class Apple devices as being over-the-top expensive. So we’ve compiled a list of great Apple products that make an excellent purchase, all without breaking the bank.

1: AirTag

The Apple AirTag is a super useful tracker that you can use to find your lost items. Place it in your bag, with your keys, or just about anywhere, and you’ll be able to see its location in the Find My app. The AirTag is very simple to set up, is compact, lightweight, and waterproof. We think the AirTag makes a great gift, coming in at $29 for a single one, or $99 for a 4-pack.

Currently on sale on Amazon for only $89 for a 4-pack.

2: HomePod Mini

The HomePod mini is Apple’s new small smart speaker, with a mesh ball design, the S5 processor, 360-degree audio with an innovative sound design, and the U1 chip, at a price tag of $99. It offers a unique integration to anyone already in the Apple ecosystem. You can use handoff with your iPhone, connect with other HomePods around the house, or ping your keys.

3: Apple Watch Bands

Take your pick of Apple’s lineup of watchbands. Each one offers something unique. The Solo Loop is a stretchable liquid silicone rubber designed for ultra-comfort with no buckles or clasps. The Braided Solo Loop is made from flexible recycled yarn interwoven with silicone threads also providing maximum comfort. You can find these watchbands on Apple’s website ranging from $49 to $99.

Starting on Amazon for $46.

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