Beautiful Modular Apple Watch Box

In a recently published post, we talked about how 76% of Apple Watch owners own more than one Apple Watch band. Even if this number is not fully representative (because it was a Twitter poll), it is a pretty strong indicator on the huge third party Apple Watch band market. But this poses one question: Where do I store my Apple Watch bands?

One talented Redditor (fmier), hand made this amazing modular Apple Watch box for his Apple Watch bands. It looks stunning! It is made of nice walnut, and the effort put into it can be truly seen. Well done!

I designed and laser cut this modular box for my Apple Watch. What do you think?
byu/fmier inAppleWatch

The costs for this project were $285, but in my eyes it was well worth the investment. The maker with the Reddit username fmier commented: “Just FYI, materials were around $120 and laser cutting was $165, so is not a cheap box to make.” 

Originally the idea of building it came when he ran out of a good storage solution for his bands: “I’ve been collecting since I got my S0 (now on a S3)… so is a bit of a problem / obsession. And this year I decided that I hated my previous storage solution and that I needed something I could expand upon.”

Unfortunately this expandable box is not for sale at the moment. “Fmier” has offered some users help to build this box by providing the CAD files.

In my personal opinion, I believe that this could be a fantastic Kickstarter project worth pursuing!

Take a look at these final images from different angles:

Apple Watch box Apple Watch boxApple Watch box