Awesome Gaming On Apple Watch

If Apple names a game “Best Game of the Year”, then you know that it has to be great. Winning this title requires deep understanding of the Apple Watch as a platform, and understanding how to develop an engaging gaming experience for it. Runeblade, a game developed by the Finnish games studio Everywear Games, has won this title for many reasons! 

Runeblade takes you on an incredible adventure, of protecting the world by defeating evil forces. The game has tons of great content with over 1,000 entertaining levels, a well thought out story, and good-looking characters. The more you play Runeblade, the further you progress in the adventure, by unlocking special powers and collecting cool achievements. The gameplay itself is intuitive, and is quite simple to play.

Version 3.2.0 brings a large amount of great new content with new effects, more rewards, a new dock feature, and more. You can also unlock interesting Artefacts after level 1000.

This powerful trailer of Runblade, makes you want to play it.

Runeblade also has some staggering engagement metrics, with 20 average sessions per day, and 40 seconds as an average session length. It is also amazing that the top 2% of Runeblade gamers have over 100 sessions per day!

You can download Runeblade here for free.