Available only on Apple Watch Series 5: a Compass

This September, Apple has added a couple neat features to the Apple Watch Series 5. One of them, is a built-in compass. It seems like a uninteresting feature at first glance, but there’s actually more to it.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the first Apple Watch to come with a built-in digital compass although iPhones have had this feature since the iPhone 3 GS.

Apple Watch Series 5 Compass Maps

Apple says that with the new compass, Maps on the Series 5 will become more reliable, and with extra sensors as well, the watch will be able to tell you things like current elevation gain. The compass will be available as separate app on the watch, but also as one of three possible complications for watchfaces.


Nonetheless, the compass, like all others, will not be perfect. Apple says in fine print on their website that watch bands with magnets in them, have chances of affecting the compasses accuracy. This means that the Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, and Modern Buckle watch bands can affect the results. Bands without magnets that won’t affect the accuracy of the compass include: Sport Loops, and Hermès leather straps.

Apple Watch Series 5 Compass

As a result of the potentially imprecise compass directions, the heading mark will have red lines on the sides, that signify to what degree the Apple Watch is sure of. Obviously the less magnetic interference with the device, the more accurate results will be.

Nevertheless, the compass will remain a great and useful addition to the watch. The Apple Watch Series 5 is available for pre-order and starts at $399.

What do you think about the Series 5‘s compass?