Apple Watch Users Concerned About Battery Drain, Look to Series 10 for Answer

Recently, there’s been a significant number of concerns voiced by users on platforms like Reddit regarding the battery life and health of various Apple Watch models. From the Series 7 and Ultra showing steep declines in battery percentage over a matter of hours, to the more entry-level SE models struggling post-update, the problem appears widespread.

Apple Watch Ultra users, accustomed to roughly two days’ worth of battery life, have reported significant drops to as low as 2% in the same day. The rapid deterioration isn’t limited to a single model; from the regular Series X and SE variants are affected, pointing towards a potential systemic issue, possibly software-related, given the temporal link with updates.

As Apple enthusiasts look for solutions, eyes are turning to the upcoming Series 10, anticipated to introduce improvements that could remedy these frustrating power issues. Speculation suggests that the next iteration of the Apple Watch, which may be dubbed “Apple Watch X” in celebration of the device’s tenth anniversary, will feature an updated OLED display that is more power efficient, potentially enhancing overall battery life​ (MacRumors)​.

Further down the line, in 2025, Apple is reported to be planning an upgrade to micro-LED display technology, which promises higher brightness levels, better color output, and, crucially for our battery-hungry devices, increased power efficiency​ (9to5Mac)​. The shift to micro-LED would mark a significant step for Apple, as it’s a technology that aligns with their history of pushing the boundaries in display technology.

In light of these advancements, the expectation for the Series 10/X is high. Users anticipate not only enhancements in health tracking and physical design but also a major leap forward in battery performance. While we wait for these developments, the community continues to seek temporary fixes and workarounds for the current generation’s battery woes.