Apple Watch Ultra Underwater with Oceanic Plus App!

The new Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra turns the watch you wear every day into a fully capable dive computer for recreational diving and snorkeling. It includes all the core features divers need, and is refreshingly easy to use. Check out this video review to see all of the new features, in action!

All dive metrics are simple and easy to read on the large, bright display. The Oceanic+ app launches automatically when submerged and constantly calculates and monitors dive parameters.

Unlike most dive computers, Oceanic+ app uses simple gestures to operate. The app provides all the safety warnings smartly color-coded to make complex information easy to understand.

Right after the dive, your data—including your GPS entry and exit location—automatically syncs to your iPhone and the cloud, where you can see a summary of your dive profile. In your logbook, you can easily sort and search your past dives and instantly share your adventures with family and friends.

You can check out Cnet’s video review of the Oceanic Plus App, with more detail. The app is offered in a free-tier version, as well as a paid version with its complete functionality with some some advanced features such as decompression info and tide forecast.

Would you use this app with an Apple Watch Ultra? Let us know!