Apple Watch Ultra Drop Test

The recent release of the Apple Watch Ultra sparked debate as to weather this really was an all-durable Apple Watch, as Apple themselves claimed it to be. Now, we are one step closer to verifying that idea.

Over the weekend, popular YouTube TechRax, boasting over 7 million subscribers, uploaded a video in which he can be seen drop-testing the Apple Watch, as well as hitting it with a hammer repeatedly.

The medium height drop tests posed no problem for the watch, leaving minion scuffs around the body. Of course, this is what Apple planned for with the titanium construction of the frame, and the raised lip around the screen, protecting the display in drop scenarios.

For the hammer test, it was actually the wooden table which broke first. Were this a Series 7 or Series 8, we could speculate that the brittle display would have easily shattered under a hammer. It was only after about a dozen hard hits with the hammer that TechRax managed to burst the display.

The takeaway from this video is that under almost all normal experiences, the watch shouldn’t experience any significant damage apart from case scratches or small dents. A display fracture is expected to be quite rare with this line of Apple Watch Ultra.

What do you think about the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra?