Apple Watch Series 9 Hermès: A Timepiece Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Steeped in the rich legacy of two powerhouses, the Apple Watch Hermès collaboration marries uncompromising design with master craftsmanship. The latest Series 9 collection doesn’t just impress; it sets new standards.

Artistry On The Wrist: New Band Designs Echoing Hermès’ famed cotton canvas from the 1930s, the Toile H band showcases the classic Hermès check in all its glory. It’s robust, yet featherlight. Not to be outshone, the Twill Jump band entices with a vivid contrasting border, an understated tribute to Hermès’ meticulous edge painting. Both these masterpieces are available in the Single Tour, be it the 41mm or the 45mm Gold/Ecru Toile H Single Tour.


However, for the thrill-seekers, there’s Kilim. This band masterfully blends soft, waterproof rubber and a nifty quick-release deployment buckle. The hallmark of its design is the interwoven “H” motif, encapsulating a sporty elegance with an artistic touch. Ready to wear it out? The 41mm or 45mm Orange Kilim awaits.


But there’s more. Equestrianism isn’t just a sport; it’s entwined in Hermès’ DNA. The Bridon band pays homage to this heritage with its meticulously hand-braided 3D chevron pattern. It’s available as the 41mm Rouge H Bridon in both Single and Double Tour variants.

Bonus Band – Because More is Merrier Every Apple Watch Hermès in silver stainless steel comes with an added bonus – the Hermès Sport Band. Durable, adaptable, and water-resistant, it’s your ideal gym companion. And for those with a penchant for the space black stainless steel case, there’s a matching black Hermès Sport Band to accentuate its allure.


Customize & Personalize Bored of monotony? The extensive Hermès bands lineup invites you to keep reinventing your style. From an array of designs, hues, and textures, these easy-to-swap bands keep your Apple Watch looking fresh and uniquely yours.


So, for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Apple Watch Series 9 Hermès beckons. Dive into a world where time-honored traditions and innovative designs dance in harmony.

You can shop Hermès Apple Watch Bands directly at Hermès or at Apple.