Apple Watch Series 8 not expected to feature major redesign

The Apple Watch Series 7 was rumoured to come with a major redesign: to feature flat edges for the first time in the history of the Apple Watch. Now, there is speculation that the 2022 Series 8 will still have round edges.

Since the original Apple Watch, introduced all the way back in September 2014, the only physical design changes have been larger screens, bigger speaker and microphone grills, and more case material and colour options.

That’s why fans were excited when many rumours were pointing to the Series 7 coming with a new flat-edge design, alike that of the iPhone 12 Generation. For Apple, looks itself were most likely not a good enough reason to switch to this case design. Manufacturing would become more expensive, not to mention that flat edges don’t feel as good on the wrist.

Now, we expect the Series 8 to be virtually identical to the Series 7. The only physically visible change expected is larger speaker and microphone grills, and perhaps a new sensor arrangement on the bottom of the watch. After 8 generations of the Apple Watch, it doesn’t seem plausible that huge design changes will happen every one or two years.

What would be interesting, is if the Apple Watch switches to 2-year cycles since on average, consumers are upgrading less and less often. The two-year generation cycle could give Apple a chance to make each upgrade more meaningful.

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